'Something Blue’ Seating Area
'Something Blue’ Seating Area
'Something Blue’ Seating Area

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'Something Blue’ Seating Area

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How about hiring a gorgeous rustic seating area with a stunning blue accent sofa? This package is great for transforming small areas into a stylish seating area. 


2 x Sophie cane chair

1 x Lisa twin sofa

1 x medium crate

1 x contemporary rug

1 x brass boho table

2 x wicker pouffe

2 x green cushion

2 x blue cushion

2 x beige furs

2 x blue vintage bottles

Some items such as rugs and cushions etc may vary from the photo, however, they will have a similar look and feel as to those in the photo.


All measurements are approximate. Delivery charges & limited quanities may apply.