Moroccan Picnic
Moroccan Picnic
Moroccan Picnic

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Moroccan Picnic

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How about creating some magic with our totally luxurious and oh so fabulous Moroccan low seating? Our Moroccan picnic options allow any garden to be transformed into a North African themed picnic set-up. Ideal for small gathers. 

1 x Low 7ft by 3ft seating table 

1 x Demijohn With Pampas

3 x Vintage rugs

4 x Cushions/Pouffes 

4 x Moroccan Short Legged Pouffe


Some items such as rugs and cushions etc may vary from the photo, however, they will have a similar look and feel as to those in the photo.

All measurements are approximate. Delivery charges & limited quanities may apply.