The Originals

One of my favourite things about organizing stock in our warehouse is the view from our mezzanine floor.  As I look across our tightly packed unit, I don’t see products, but rather stories and memories. Many of the items have been acquired from friends/family, lovely people at various antique fairs or items that we have designed and built ourselves. We try to name as many of our products after the people who we buy them from and each individual item holds its own unique story and we love reminiscing over all of them!

                                                                                        Prop Hire Kent

As much as I love all our stock, there is a select number of items that we like to call our originals. A lot of these items have been with us from day one (some even before) and have gained a veteran reputation from the many many events they have starred at. So, without further ado…. Here is our top five list of originals.

1 – White Peacock Chair – I totally fell in love with Peacock chairs when I started L2C. The narrative of the chairs totally symbolises and encapsulates what we do in the wedding industry! The large curved back curated from delicate yet beautiful wicker creates a simply stunning throne, both drawing attention to the chair but also its incumbent. This statement piece is often the draw for many couples on their big day. Needless to say, for this reason we have a few Peacocks now, but our first was the White Peacock chair (and also the only of our furniture pieces to have made the cover of a national magazine…its practically famous, right?!).

                                                                     Prop Hire Kent  

2 – Boho Backdrop – With the Boho trend slowly expanding in the UK when we first launched L2C, the Boho Backdrop was/still is one of my proudest creations. Combining intricate macramé with straight copper lines, it enabled people to obtain an almost tropical feeling. This package starred in one of my breakthrough styled shoots at the amazing Hayne House.

                                                                    Backdrop Hire Prop Hire Surrey

3 – Butchers Bike – Now this has been around for longer than L2C has. My Mum previously used this as a sign outside her vintage interiors shop and L2C inherited it. This was probably one of the very first if not the first item in our hire collection.  The British racing green finish even to this day, provides a nostalgic feel whilst the large fixed basket at the front of the bike enables small vintage theming items to be stowed.

                                                                   Prop Hire London 

4 – Low Seating Area – Funnily enough, this product was created for our first ever open day! The weather was scorching and I wanted to create a super relaxed area that the guests could enjoy but that would also look great on camera! Since then it has been refined further and has gone on many events.

                                                                   Furniture Hire 

5 – Rustic Chairs and Tables – Here we are - the number one spot. What else could it have been? Our Rustic Tables and Folding Chairs elevated the business and confirmed our status in the South East. At the time, these were our biggest investment and enabled us to seat up to 150 people, something we had only dreamed of months ago! Instead of just providing styling and furniture pieces to events, we started to provide the entire package. Styling, seating, backdrops, tables centres and now the tables and chairs. As much as my Mum hates moving them, I think she would even agree how much they have now become part of who we are and what we do. 

                                                               Rustic Furniture Hire Wedding Furniture Hire

Now these veterans are really part of our L2C family and we don’t see them going anywhere, anytime soon!