Mixing contemporary & traditional: The launch of our NEW seating area packages!

I have been looking forward to writing this blog all about our wonderful new seating area packages! As somebody coming from the events and hospitality industry, I have always appreciated how important it is to understand, expand and keep a watchful eye on new and upcoming trends! With furniture retailers pushing more into contemporary shapes and velvet designs, it was not long until clients started to enquire for similar pieces. Following on from this movement in the market, we have targeted a new and upcoming niche, blending both contemporary, vintage and rustic (dare I say one of the first to do so in the UK). Our expertise in vintage theming has enabled us to combine both the new with the old, mixing items from all eras to create stunning packages for timeless events!

We also completely understand that our full styling packages aren’t for everyone but you can be sure that these seating areas are going to look totally fabulous. We take a lot of time developing, changing and styling our seating areas before we launch them to ensure you have a perfectly curated seating area for your guests to enjoy. I totally believe that a seating area should be way more than just practical, it needs to look good helping to create even more photo opportunities at your event.

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Our seating areas and lounge packages have previously been some of our most popular items. They are both cost effective and functional whilst making a big impact. We basically make it easier for you to tick one more thing off that never ending “to do” list. Not only do Locate to Create have your seating covered, we think of tables and the finishing touches too. You know that awkward moment when you don’t know where (if anywhere) you can put down your drink and instead you have to hold it all evening, totally limiting your dancing ability.... these seating areas prevent that. 

With that being said, please see below our full list of new seating area packages. You can also view all our seating areas here from our original packages to the new! Book them whilst they are hot and spicy and with everything that is happening at the moment, these are sure to get you very excited for your big day or next event (plus it would put a big smile on our faces):

Hoxton Lounge Package – Contrasting blue and orange is featured throughout the Hoxton lounge area. Our striking deep blue triple seater velvet sofa is emphasised by the surrounding orange single seaters. Once again, stools have been included allowing guests an informal location to perch. 

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Kingston Seating Area – Warming orange and brown tones harmonise effortlessly with the deep brown leather vintage chesterfield and the contemporary velvet single seaters. Two modern stools create even more seating and completes this sets look.

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Super Lux Lounge – Boasting our new twin and single seater contemporary velvet sofas, the “Super Lux” introduces effortless modern styling that compliments natural colours with its soft green tones.

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Miami Lounge – Gold and green run throughout the “Miami Lounge”. This sumptuous combination looks stunning with its accompanying unique vintage brass top moroccan table. Accent cushions tie the look together and create a super comfy area to sit. 

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Contemporary Seating Area – If the Miami Lounge and Super Lux are too large, then this contemporary seating area provides a minimalistic similar option. A mirrored top accent table is included adding super on trend vibes and to inject more modern décor.

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Cali Seating Area – A beautiful seating area inspired by colonial décor. Comprising of our luxurious vintage deep brown chesterfield and complimented with our South African Cane chairs. “Cali” certainly has a story to tell and encourages a laidback ambiance

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Chesterfield Lounge – Featuring a single and twin vintage green chesterfield sofa, the “Chesterfield Lounge” package provides robust, classic seating that is enchanted by two vintage single seater chairs.

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Contemporary Meets Boho – A truly eclectic mix of both Boho and contemporary. A striking rich blue triple seated velvet sofa is accompanied by some of most iconic original 70s peacock chairs. This really is a fabulous seating area when trying to fuse both modern and Boho.

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Low Seating Area – The perfect summer outdoor lounge set. Our large low table is accompanied by four rustic vintage grey cane bucket seats, adorned with luxurious faux fur pelts and casual pouffes for outdoor lounging.

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Thank you to Nicola Dawson for these amazing photos!