How to style your Easter table whilst in isolation 🐥

With Easter just around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to create a short IGTV video on “How to style your Easter table whilst in isolation”. This will not only show you how to create an Easter inspired tablescape, but will also provide the family with an opportunity to work together and you can even create some yummy treats! Follow our simple six step guide!

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  1. Find your base! – The first step is to choose a surface you wish to build your tablescape on. This can be anything ranging from your dining room table, patio furniture, kitchen counter etc, all it really needs is to be large enough to host all your guests and potentially some amazing food! With isolation turning us all slightly stir crazy, we think using an outdoor surface (If you are lucky enough to have a garden) is a great way to transport the feel of your Easter table to something far more refreshing. It’s also the time to think about your tablecloth, table runner or just keep the bare surface top! Why not experiment with a few and decide on what looks best. We found some old material that was our inspiration behind our styling creating an old English chintzy vibe.
  1. Add your essentials – This is a very simple step. Gather all of necessities such as plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins etc and arrange them on your surface. Leaving plenty of space for other goodies such as food and flowers. Why not go through some cupboards and use some tableware that you haven’t seen for a while? And think about maybe adding some nostalgic items which are personal to you and your family! 
  1. Consider your colour pallet – At this point your table will be coming together nicely! Take a step back and observe the table along with its surroundings. What colours and textures are standing out to you? If using an outside surface, pay close attention to the surrounding greenery and try to spot any harmonies between the space and your table scape. With a colour pallet in mind, continue building the scape drawing on your colour inspiration. If you can’t yet see a colour scheme developing don’t panic, this can be added later. 
  1. The main attttttraction – With a colour scheme starting to develop and all basic items on your table all you need now is a main focal point of the table. We cooked delicious home-made Victoria Sponge and dressed it with seasonal fruit! Height was added using an old cake stand that hadn’t been used in a while. Let your imagination go wild. Flowers always look fabulous as do candle arrangements, just make sure its eye catching.

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  1. Start filling! – Your table will be starting to really look fabulous! It’s now the time to get creative and add personal touches, transforming your table from a plain Jane to a magnificent Maggie! With Spring almost sprung, your garden will be producing some amazing colours, so why not get some fresh air and cut some beautiful greenery that can be placed throughout your table! If you are lucky enough to have baking ingredients, then you can rustle up some scrumptious treats that can be placed in bowls around the table. The sole goal of this step is to make the table scape yours and portray your character and personality. Don’t forget, many of the above tasks are perfect jobs for your little helpers, so make things simple and get the whole family working together! 
  1. Tuck in – With the table complete, it is now time to cook your favourite Easter meal and tuck in with your Family! Each item on the table will not only hold a memory, but will also look fabulous when accompanying your food and flowers!

 So that it is! You now know how to create a stunning Easter tablescape!

A few top tips…. If you are not able to get to the shops for your weekly shop then there are some incredible companies doing special isolation hampers delivered to your door whilst in isolation. Take a look at Jimmys Popup. I’ve heard some very good things about these.

There are also some incredible florists doing deliveries of both fresh and dried flowers straight to your door. Take a look at Kai who is the total girl boss behind My Lady Garden. Her flowers are absolutely amazing. Elise from Hedges and Flowers is also offering both dried and fresh local flower deliveries. 

So now it’s your turn to create a beautiful Easter tablescape. Please send us your photos and tag us @locatetocreate. We would love to see all your creations!