Dennis – Every Storm has a silver lining.

It certainly feels like 2020 has got off to a shaky start to say the least. From wild fires in Australia, to Covid-19 ravaging the entire globe, I can confidently say I don’t think anybody predicted the awful start to the new decade! Well amongst these scary global headlines came a few storms that graced the UK and planted the seed of thought in our heads….

As a company, we have always aimed to publicize and push the need to lower our carbon footprint, both as a firm but also as a consumer. Unlike much of the events industry that thrives on consumerism, our ethos is quite different. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Locate to Create is constantly looking to deploy the 3 R’s whether it be conventionally through our business model of hiring, or from the packaging we reuse to wrap our products. We aim to make a positive impact through the reduction in carbon footprint created within the events industry.

With this mind-set ever presence in our thoughts, storm Dennis back in February provided us with an opportunity to put our money where our mouth is. CRASH, BANG, WALLOP, however no video, but rather two 50ft Conifers fell through the shed at Charlie’s house…. Not ideal and took a few months to clear along with the purchase of a new shiny green shed. At this point the eureka moment struck. I have always wanted a Prosecco wall, or even Doughnut wall as a prop as I think these are the epitome of functional fun. Easy access to a glass of bubbly or doughnut on the way into the reception/event, whilst also looking completely amazing as a backdrop, what’s not to like?

Well upon Charlie lifting the floor of the old shed, we both looked at each other with a grin. Why not reclaim/reuse all of the old timber of the flattened shed to create a new backdrop? Easy right? Well a simple idea, but a task that took Charlie weeks to complete….. The frame of the shed had to be separated, de-nailed, sanded and then cut to size, whilst the panels of the shed had a similar treatment too! The largest panel, the floor, that had provided the eureka moment also needed to be cut down to size, sanded and finally waxed with the remaining finished panels! After a few new power tools (not the most eco I know, but Charlie didn’t fancy using a stone axe) and a lot of hard work in the garden, it was complete. Pleased is an understatement, from the doughnut pegs to the legs, it all looks great and most importantly was made from 99% reused wood from Charlie’s shed!

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For us, this project symbolizes the start of 2020. Life has many bumps along its long winding road, some of them are hidden and others visible. It’s the way you overcome these obstacles that builds your resilience and character. Who knows, without the Corona lockdown we may never had had the eureka moment, and without Dennis the shed would still be standing. Well either way, they have both happened and here we are! Boastful of our brand new Locate to Create family member DENNIS!

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